Monday, August 26, 2013

Darkness Lies in Winter by Ariana Wood

Though Victoria's life appears picture perfect from the outside, no one knows what it's really like on the inside. Her father is a callous, yammering cad. Her mother grows more distant and ill with each passing day. When her older brother's attempt to be like their father begins to fail, he turns to drugs. And then there's her baby brother, Bradley. He's a sweet boy that can't help that he's just a little different.
Victoria seems to be getting a handle on things until the unthinkable happens: Her mother suddenly dies. Victoria is tossed into a world of survival for not only herself, but for her little brother as well. But, how high will the price of her sacrifices be? Will she ever be able to have a life of her own?  (taken from the back of the book)
I'm not normally a drama person, but I just couldn't put this one down.  Ariana has a great way of storytelling that keeps you flipping page after page, even after the first read through. 
For me, the biggest draw to this book is Ariana's talent for creating characters that I love to hate.  All of the characters are fascinating and well-rounded.  You care about them from the moment the story begins.  As the villains surface, though, you can't help but grab them and hold them tightly to you so that you can despise them as long as possible. 
Darkness Lies in Winter will be released on Amazon only September 3rd.  Whether you're a drama person or not, this book will provide you with a great escape and is definitely worth checking out.

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