Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pretty Ugly by Barbara M. Barnes

In Barbara's book, she tells us personal true-to-life stories.  Most of these don't frame her life in a flattering light.  The point of sharing them is to show us how she overcame adversity and low self-esteem and how we can do the same.  We also get a few of Barbara's poems and a glimpse into the next book she's working on. 

Now for my personal thoughts!

Barbara is a fascinating woman who I'm so glad I've met!  E.Y.E.S. is an acronym for Eventually You'll Emerge Stronger.  Barbara is the CEO and Founder of the organization.  It's a self-esteem and self-empowerment group.  She is a certified life coach and motivational speaker.  My favorite Barbara quote is:  'If you feel that there is no one that loves must take up the slack!'

Barbara's stories are heartfelt and sincere and they aren't always pretty.  She allows us into her life by showing us exactly what she was thinking and feeling in those moments.  They're wonderfully written and most of the time you can actually hear her talking to you in her humorous voice.  I could even see the hand gestures!  Such vivid writing!

There are also several spots in the book where pertinent factual information has been inserted.  You can find anything from statistics to emergency hotline information. 

For more information about E.Y.E.S., please click the link. 

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