Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I loved the herbal scents of these silky, smooth products.  Each is a gorgeous pearly lavender color. 
It took such a small amount of the shampoo to actually clean my hair and the scent was so relaxing! 
As for the conditioner, it had a slightly different herbal scent, almost mediciny.  It sort of threw me off.  I was excited with the way I could feel it moisturizing my scalp though. 
Then came the perfecting spray.  Sometimes I have really good luck with these sorts of things, and sometimes it ends up drastically nightmarish.  Thankfully, this one was a winner!  It still had an herbal scent, but this one was really pleasant and seemed to layer really well over the scents of the shampoo and conditioner.  It was easy to use and left my hair completely tangle free.
So, what's the overall?  You have to use such a small amount of the product that you wouldn't believe it was working if you couldn't feel it!  The thing is, after washing my hair and letting it air dry, it felt like my entire head had just returned from a two week vacation somewhere tropical.  I felt relaxed and my hair felt clean and soft.  I didn't even have to run my fingers through it because I could feel the difference with it just touching my face and shoulders. 
So, here's the negative.  Even though I loved how this whole set worked on my hair, I went to straighten it the next day and had a little trouble.  My hair was so moisturized that it took double the straightening time.  Honestly, for me, it's a toss up.  I like the straight hair, but I almost prefer the feel of wild hair after trying the Purology products.

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