Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Newsletter Writing: Being Gender Specific

I read a lot of newsletters.  It's the quickest way for authors, publishers, agents, marketers, and bloggers to keep me up to date on what's happening.  I spend hours a day reading them.  Hours.  Thousands every day.  I love it!

We've had several discussions lately about how to 'up your game' on your newsletter.  You want something that is going to keep your audience coming back.  Let's face it, the average household doesn't spend a lot of money on books.  Considering giveaways, contests, and reader copies, the average reader doesn't need to ever buy a book.  How do you get them to buy your book?  They have to know who you are.  They have to like you.  If they feel a connection with you, they will buy your book.  Your newsletter is your chance to establish that connection with them, as well as keep it going.

As a newsletter writer, you HAVE to stop being so gender specific!  This isn't political!  I know what's going on in the world today and I'm sure some of you jumped to that conclusion.  This has nothing to do with gender issues at all.  It's a simple fact that you are costing yourself money.

Horror authors:  There are women out there like me that eat it up!  I will gladly spend money to buy a book that I know is going to be full of violence and gory good fun!

Romance authors:  There are men out there who love romance and erotica!

By making your newsletter gender specific, you're alienating an entire fan base.  Do NOT open your newsletter with 'Hey gals!'  or 'Hey ladies!'  or 'Yo bro!'  Simply don't do it.  If you're sending your letter out to males or females, you're missing the other half.  No matter how famous you are or how much money you make from writing, every sale counts.  Stop costing yourself sales!

As a consumer, it comes across quite clear to me. When you're gender specific, you're actively going out of your way to not build that author/reader connection.  If you start off with 'Yo bro!', I know you're not talking to me.  You're actively asking me to not take part in your writing world.  You're telling me NOT to spend any of my money and buy your book.  Why would you do that to yourself?

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