Friday, May 28, 2010

Cover Girl Simply Ageless Makeup

Some of you know that I'm a bzzagent.  Basically, they send me awesome products and I tell them what I think about it and let others know as well.  Recently they sent me the new line from Cover Girl.  I have to admit that as a teenager, Cover Girl was the makeup to go for.  It was inexpensive and served all my needs.  As an adult, however, Cover Girl kept that teen stigma for me and I opted for other brands.  I have to admit that they've changed my mind this time.  I tried the eye corrector, concealer, foundation and blush.  Personally, I don't really have a use for the eye corrector or concealer but I am in love with the foundation and blush!  They glide on smoothly and last for hours without needing any touch ups.  The design of the case is just awesome.  On the top you have a screw cap which flips upside down to reveal the product.  On the bottom you have a flip open case that holds your makeup sponge.  It's so easy to use!  Plus it's just cool :D  I have to admit I choked a bit when I looked at the retail price, but for the amount of makeup you receive it's actually a really good deal.  I wear makeup every single day and the blush alone will probably last me nearly two years.  It only takes a tiny bit to last an entire day.  I've linked to my favorite!  Hopefully some of you have tried it and have feedback!

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