Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hazardous To My Health by Marcia N. Hill

Claude Hall was probably most well known for his imaging as the third 'Marlboro Man'.  He also appeared in television shows such as The Rifleman and Bonanza.  Some of his movie credits include State Fair and Viva Las Vegas.  This book is his ex-wife Marcia's account of their time together from the time she first met Claude to the last time she looked him up on the internet.

Though I had no idea who Claude Hall was, being a child in the 80's, I definitely knew who the Marlboro Man was.  As I began reading Marcia's story, I found myself intrigued with the life she was living.  She was held prisoner against her will and did her best to keep herself and her children as safe as possible.  It's a quick and interesting read that I'm sure most people will be thrilled with.  It's definitely a great beach read, given how quickly and enthusiastically you can read it.

I did happen to have one question after reading the book and I'm hoping Marcia will be willing to stop by and answer it.  Marcia's first husband, Bill, who is also the father of the the children seems to step out of the book for most of Marcia's time with Claude.  I'm not saying Bill's a bad guy.  I've never met him and Marcia doesn't have anything negative to say about him.  I just don't understand it though.  Bill obviously knew that Marcia was in an abusive relationship and that his children were in danger.   It's made quite clear that Claude had his hooks in the police.  Claude also had some pretty powerful enemies.  Why wouldn't Bill do everything in his power to get his children out of the situation they were in?  If he wasn't willing to go to the police, why didn't he go to one of Claude's enemies and ask for help?  I have to admit I'm not all that familiar with how mafia of any type works, so hopefully someone can shed some light on the subject for me. 

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