Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Donner the Western Dragon by Suzanne Davis Marion

Though I love reviewing children's books, being summer I have an overabundance of children running around and thought it might be great fun to let them review it.  Firstly, they were really excited to have a chance to help out with 'Aunt Maymay's reviews' :)  Secondly, they're much better judges of what children enjoy than I am :)  Here is what my unprofessional critics had to say:

Ashlee (Age 5) :  This book is pretty good.  I love every page.  All of the stuff in it is pretty cool.

Bre (Age 9) : The balloons that spell out 'Donner' are pretty cool!  It's pretty awesome!  I liked when Donner said he was handsome at the beginning.  The pictures are pretty cool.  I learned that you can be a hero by helping.

Griff (Age 11) : From when kids can first read books until maybe 9, kids will love this book.  I'm a couple years too old for it and didn't learn anything.  The pictures were pretty good.  It took a little while to read so it didn't go by too fast.

Overall, it seems that at least the kids agree on the illustrations and I can see why.  They're bright and colorful without being too childlike.  Technically this would be a chapter book since it has chapters, but it's easily readable for younger children.  None of the words are too difficult and though there are quite a few words per page, it's not enough that it would deter a child.  All three of the children have informed me that they believe they deserve to keep the book as their 'payment' for reviewing :)  In my opinion, that makes this book a complete success :)

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  1. Our thanks to Ashlee, Bre and Griff for their thoughtful review of 'Donner the Western Dragon'! We appreciate your taking the time to send this good review. This helps us learn what kids like, so on our next project maybe we can do even better. I will tell artist Marj Hales how much you like her paintings. I love them too!
    Best wishes! Have a good summer!
    Suzanne Davis Marion


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