Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Case of the Great Granny by Thomas Pisano

A little over a year ago, it was suggested to me that as a writer/reviewer, I read books differently than the average reader.  I understood that to some level, although of course I had to argue it.  What fun is life without  a little adversity?  Right now though, I have to admit that I was wrong.  Writing and reviewing has completely changed how I read books and I didn't realize just how much until I read this one.  Thank you, Mr. Pisano!  You've given me the chance to be just a reader instead of a critiquer!

In this book, we start off with Detective Daggers and his new partner as they are called to the scene of a crime.  Mrs. Hoover has been triple murdered and it's up to them to figure out the reason and the rhyme.  With an entire cast of possible suspects and an old lady that was more spry than I am, it's a good time waiting to happen.

I'm throwing all of my usual reviewing skills out of the window on this one.  Before the book even begins, Pisano instructs us on his purpose of writing.  There are no hidden meanings.  This book will not change your life.  It will not inspire you to be better.  It will not teach you a darn thing!  Pisano's entire purpose for writing this book is pure entertainment.  Had the preface not stated his purpose, I probably would have ripped this book to shreds.  Sorry, T!  From a reviewer's perspective, I could easily have found soooooo (notice all the o's?) many problems with this book, beginning with editing (which you all know is a pet peeve!).  Since I was given permission, however, I just shut down a part of brain and sat back and enjoyed the ride.  The story is very Sam Spade/CSI/Days of Our Lives.  I had a blast reading it!  I think it's the most fun I've had reading a book in a long time.  I'm not going to lie and say it's literature or that there aren't better books out there.  I will say that if you can let go and just enjoy it, it feels like pinning on a badge and being cop for a day.  For those cops of you out there, it feels like a day off, watching somebody else tell off your entire squad for you.  Of course that's just assumption, since I'm pretty far off from being a police officer.

Overall, as long as you can let go and just enjoy the read, it's great.  I could easily have done without the gratuitous sex, but I'm sure alot of the male readers out there will enjoy it.  Not that women don't enjoy sex, but it's definitely written from a male's fantasy mind.  Also, there's a notice in the book that it is NOT for anyone other than an adult.  It does get explicit in some areas.  I strongly suggest this book for those women out there who want to get your husband to read and can't find a book he'll start with.  Sex, gore, prostitutes, secret plots, buttloads of money, alot of swearing...everything the non-reading honey might want!

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