Thursday, October 10, 2013

Attrition by SG Night

It is the 107th year of the Fourth Age.  Our conquerors, the Demonic Dominion, have solidified their rule over our homeland.  The Humans are in shackles.  The Eves are in exile.  And we, Io's proud Majiski pattle-mages, are standing at extinction's edge.  The mighty Grey Wall has sealed us all inside the Demons' cruelty...and after a hundred long years, the world beyond is all but forgotten.

The Genshwin are all that remain of the Majiski: just a few hundred survivors sequestered in an underground fortress-masters of shadow and steel.  In secret, they work against the Dominion.  But how much can three hundred Majiski really expect to accomplish?  Especially when their Patriarch is keeping more secrets than the Demons themselves.

Racath Thanjel is the best the Genshwin have to offer.  He's young, fast, strong, and brilliant...and constantly at odds with his Patriarch's rules of discretion.

But something's changed.  Soon, Racath finds himself swept up into a spider web of conspiracies, lost knowledge, and the prophetic pages of ancient scripture.  And now, all his hopes depend upon a girl with golden hair, an aging Majiski warrior, and a sword wrought by God himself... (taken from the back of the book)

I have to admit, I was a little intimidated beginning this book.  It's written by an 18-year-old, which makes you wonder about how well it will be written.  It's a thick book with small type.  No one is reading this in one sitting, unless you don't sleep.  Whenever you pick up a new author, there's always the chance that it'll be terrible and you'll have to force yourself through to the end.  In this case, 582 pages.  To recap, I was nervous.  This book is large and written by a 'kid'.

I'm an idiot!

From the first page I was covered in goose bumps.  This so-called 'kid' isn't merely a writer, he's a wordsmith.  I don't say this often, but Night was born to write.  It's that simple.  This book was pure perfection.

Night has created an entire new world with new races of people.  He has taken old classic 'monsters' and given them new life.  What could have been a droning, dull, confusing tale is actually a masterpiece.  You find yourself immediately immersed in this world and it's surrounding peoples and it's painless!  You don't have to think and process, you just exist there.  Each character becomes a piece of you at the moment of introduction.  You become immediately invested in not only each one, but their plight as well. 

The action!  Adventure!  I could see it all so clearly in my head!  The funny thing is, this wasn't as simple as reading a story and getting involved.  At least, not for me.  This has become a memory.  I was there.  I remember the sights, the smells, the tones of voice for each moment.  Feelings and emotions still pulsate with each memory. 

Earlier, I stated that Night is a wordsmith, and I want it known that I'm not exaggerating.  "Small sparks and static flitting between his upraised fingers.  The arcs were white, pale and bright.  They crackled and snapped, twisted, writhed, like a cosmic song and dance."  A few short sentences paints such a vivid and bright picture in your head.  You can actually see it.  Not only that, it just sounds pretty.  It's poetry.

This book is intended for the young adult, but I can't imagine any adult not loving this.  If fantasy and sci-fi seem a little overdone to you, seriously, give Night a shot.  He's taken classics and reworked them into brilliance.  I'f you're an action junkie, this book will surely deliver.  The drama, the passion, the magic.  If you're entertainment budget only allows for one book this year, make it this one.  It's going on the top shelf of my Keeper Shelf along with my favorite classics. 

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