Thursday, October 10, 2013

Singlehood by Wilson Awasu

Basically this book acts as a how-to for being single, feeling fulfilled while being single, and loving leaving singlehood. 

Normally, I only read nonfiction if it has a specific purpose in my life.  I was anxious to read this one for several reasons.  I'm single and feel perfectly fulfilled in this label.  My problem is the idea of leaving singlehood.  The thought of a relationship is terrifying to me. 

This book reads like a seminar.  Each chapter has a specific purpose along with questions and answers.  This is a faith-based seminar, so it may not be suitable for some people.  It's not just about being single, it's about being a Christian single.

From a personal perspective, I learned why I enjoy being single and what I can do about past traumas.  I also learned how to look for a life-mate and what exactly a life-mate is.  Before my first marriage, we attended pre-marital counseling sessions.  Most of the information we received there was faulty and I'm not surprised our marriage failed.

Here's the fascinating part.  This book isn't just for the single.  It explores marriage and what makes a successful or failed marriage.  There are tips to improved any relationship.  Also, there are suggestions for helping those who are single and struggling.

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