Monday, October 14, 2013

Hope Flies on Broken Wings by L.F. Falconer

It's the last summer of Collie's innocence.  She's at the stage where she must choose her future.  Will it be the handsome and safe Arrick whom her parents adore?  It would be the proper thing to do.  Or will it be the dirty Ganty boy, Dugan, who makes her heart race with forbidden desires?

This book was a rare treat for me.  Having already fallen in love with the sequel, Hope Rises From the Ashes, it was a unique opportunity for me to go back and get the beginning of the story.  Having spent an entire book with Collie and Dugan already, I loved being able to see how their story began. 

This is a difficult review to write, however.  I don't feel like I can do the book justice by reviewing it alone.  It stands just fine by itself, but knowing what's coming in the next book gives the story more depth. 

Hope Flies lets us meet Collie and Dugan and all those surrounding them.  We get to see what sort of people they are, their hopes and dreams and desires.  We're right there with them as they fall in love and try to figure out if it's worth it, considering all the obstacles.  This first book, as a standalone, is a great love story.  There's some grit and violence, but just enough to keep you randomly teetering on the edge of your seat.  It's definitely worth reading on it's own, but see what happens when we read the second book after.

The second book starts up where the first left off, well, shortly after.  We get to find out the continuing saga of Dugan.  We learn where he is and fight along with him to regain his memory and come to terms with the past.  Collie...Wow...Collie as a character is a pretty intense study.  She goes from this little girl who knows she's supposed to do what's right and proper to becoming an abused 'kept' woman.  Their love story continues in the second book, but with a lot more grit and violence.

As a whole, I'm in love with this series.  I look at the first book as the scene setting for the second book.  It has a great story on it's own, but it adds so much texture and 'Ooooh!  Now I get it!' factor to the second that I can't really separate them. 

I strongly suggest this book for all you fantasy and fiction lovers out there.  Don't read it alone, though.  Get them both!  I'm thankful I've got this set for my keeper shelf and can't wait to share it. 

Personal Note:  Thanks, L.F. for sending this to me!  I wasn't really expecting it, but I love that you did :)  I actually read the second book again because so much changed with the reading of the first :)  I'll treasure them :)

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