Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Colette by Michelina Vinter

With impending WWII and being fresh from secretarial school, the world is open for Colette.  When she agrees to be a tour guide for an agent named Adam, her future takes on a different color.  Once she agrees to marry him, she sets herself on a path of heartbreak, intrigue and adventure.

Starting out as a naïve teen, it's really interesting to watch Colette mature.  She doesn't let anything hold her back or keep her down.  She finds in herself the need to be a superhero of sorts and goes after any knowledge that may help her.  As a character study, she's fascinating.  We can watch each moment she go through shape the person that she's becoming.

This was a surprisingly quick-paced read.  I couldn't seem to put it down.  Even when it seemed like the main storyline was in a lull, I just knew something unexpected was about to occur.  For me, this was like reading a sweet true love story, with added twists.  Just when you found your heart 'aaww'ing at something sweet that just happened, you find your brain going 'well where did that come from?  how horrible!  is this really happening?'  In a world that most of us are thankful to not have to live in, Colette takes traumatic situations and turns them into something to make her stronger and better.

Whether you're looking for  a quick read or something that'll make you think about your own life, Colette is a sure fire winner.  Packed with romance, passion and intrigue, this book is sure to satisfy.


  1. Thank you Shawn for taking the time to review my book. I really appreciate your support :)

  2. And thank you, Michelina, for allowing me to and for taking the time to visit my site :)


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