Thursday, November 14, 2013

Daughter Cell by Jay Hartlove

Leading genetic researcher Randolph Macklin wakes up in Malaysia to find a four month gap in his memory, his wife dead, and his daughter in a coma.  As he and his psychiatrist, Sanantha Mauwad unravel the mystery, they find nothing and no one are what they appear to be.  Ancient cults collide with cutting edge science in this tale of too much power driven by too much passion. (taken from the back of the book)

This is the second book in the trilogy of Sanantha Mauwad.  If you've already read The Chosen, then you know that you need to read this book and don't need to read any further.  Also, look forward to the release of Isis Rising, which will be the third and final book and is schedule to be released in 2014.

Though it started out a little slow and clich├ęd, I found myself falling into the story pretty rapidly.  The use of genetics is simplified enough that anyone reading it will understand what's going on and it's actually quite fascinating.  For me, the fascinating part is that I can comprehend how this could easily happen in a medical paradigm where ethics and morals do not exist.  Scary! 

Though I was fascinated by the genetics, what got me even more was the spiritual/paranormal content in the book.  Again, we have items that push the boundaries of possibility, but are definitely possible.  I'm not explaining that well. Basically, things you wouldn't think of being done...but you realize that it could be if someone had the mental instability and the correct knowledge and ambition. 

This was a thrilling and compelling read for me.  The only complaint I have is that I really didn't like the character of Sanantha Mauwad.  She is the only reason I won't seek out the first and third book.  I'm not saying if they fell in my lap I wouldn't hungrily gobble them up, but she really annoyed me.  She had little character and depth.  I found her inane and dull.  The visual in my head for her as I was reading was that of a large grey blob.  The intensity of the story and the feelings I had for the other characters made up for it though.

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