Thursday, April 29, 2010

Elizabeth Lowell News

Elizabeth has announced the arrival of her latest book, Death Echo.  The book is scheduled for release on June 8.  Death Echo is the fifth book in the St. Kilda series.  St. Kilda is an elite security consulting firm.  In this book, Emma Cross and her new partner, Mac, are tracking a yacht with lethal cargo.  Since they aren't the only ones after the yacht, surely some enemy fire is imminent.  Here's a teaser of the book that Elizabeth has provided:

Emma chewed over the fact that she'd made a mistake. Blackbird's captain enjoyed her crop top, but it didn't affect his IQ. A hard man in every way that counted.

Time for Plan B: Honesty.

Yeah. Right.

"So much for light conversation," she said clearly. "I'm Emma Cross and I've got a qualified buyer for Blackbird."

"She's not mine. I'm just delivering her."

"So the owner is in Seattle."

Mac didn't answer.

"News flash," Emma said crisply. "Being rude will just make me more pushy. I have a job to do and I'm going to do it, with or without your charming help."

Mac almost smiled. "Charming, huh?"

"Yeah. Bet no one has ever accused you of that."

This time Mac did smile. "No bet."

Emma almost stepped back. The difference between this man with and without a smile was enough to make a woman think about doing whatever it took to keep the smile in place.

"Wow. You should try smiling more often, Mr. Whoever."

He shook his head and decided he was going to find out just what kind of trouble Emma was. Give her enough rope and she might just tie herself up.

Now that was an intriguing thought.

"MacKenzie Durand," he said. "If you want me to answer, call me Mac."

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