Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stella Cameron News

Stella Cameron has announced the release of her third book in the Court of Angels series, Out of Sight.  For those of you signed up to receive Stella's newsletter, you'll find a coupon for $1 off your purchase of this book!  For those Cameron fans out there not signed up, I suggest you go to and get signed up for future releases.  Instead of telling you about the book, I'm linking to a few review sites so that you can read more about it from people who've actually read the book.  Long and Short Reviews  Romance Author Buzz  In the meantime, here's an excerpt from the book:

Poppy Fortune edged through the crowd of partygoers in the spectacular St. Louis Street home of Louisiana senatorial hopeful, Ward Bienville. She had just arrived?very late?but the only thing she knew for certain was that she wanted to escape again. That was out of the question. She was there because she had to get out among people in the know. The hints and clues she needed would not be found by spending all her spare time alone or with her family.

Familiar faces circulated around her, people she had seen at her familyÂ?s club, Fortunes, and in photos from society events, Poppy didnÂ?t see anyone she would call a friend. She did get distant glimpses of one or two of WardÂ?s close advisors among a tight group of people at the far end of the room.

What she did see, bursting from among the crowd, were more super alpha brain clusters than she had ever seen in one place. In fact, she had never seen more than one at a time and very few of those. Okay, maybe just one or two altogether. But she frequently located clusters of superior but lesser strengths than these, and she translated the motives that drove the host minds. Love, hate, avarice were all very common. There was a very uncommon degree of heightened stimulation in this room. Slowly, swallowing hard to moisten her dry throat, she picked out first one, then another person with the telltale glowing chartreuse circle pulsing amidtight clumps of shocking violet spheres no bigger than fine dots. There were four super alphas, two men and two women and she didnÂ?t know any of them.

Poppy gasped.

They all had the same emotional trigger.

They were desperate. They wanted revenge and power. They wanted their own way.

They were afraid of failure.

She turned aside, breaking the intensely uncomfortable contacts. Of course there were strong minded people present, ambitious people. After all, only those interested in shaping politics and events would come . . .

She stepped outside into the warm, fragrant night and closed her eyes for an instant. The gallery was dimly lit and relatively peaceful, despite the noise behind her.

When she approached the grillwork railing, cold slipped over her skin Her heart speeded up and she wrinkled her brow. Rather than finding peace in the open air, agitation exploded through her. Sweat broke out along her spine and between her breasts. Her brow was instantly damp.

Voices rose from the street below. Laughter, high-pitched female yells punctuated by male bellowing. St. Louis wasnÂ?t a main party street. People tended to wander through on their way to Bourbon Street and the center of the French Quarter. The group down there went on their way and relative quiet filled in behind them.

Suffused light showed through shutters at the windows opposite. Overhead, blood-edged inky clouds slunk across a thin white moon. Breath caught in her throat.

She wasnÂ?t alone.

Champagne slopped from the glass and over her trembling hand. Of course she was alone. She looked right and left, peered into every corner. Nothing on the gallery moved other than hanging flowers caught by the faint breeze.

"Hi, Poppy, you seem edgy," a familiar deep voice said.

Poppy jumped and her knees locked.

Sykes Millet wasnÂ?t a man she would fail to recognize, even in darkness. "What are you doing here?" she said. "You werenÂ?t here just now."

"Of course I was," he said with a hint of laughter in his voice. "I saw you come out but you seemed preoccupied. I didnÂ?t want to make you jump."

He had done that anyway.

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