Monday, April 19, 2010

K.M. Groshek Bug's Adventure Series

Bug Goes through the Maze (Bug's Adventure Series)

Recently, K.M. sent me her Bug's series to review.  As soon as I took them out of the envelope the first thing I noticed is how bright and colorful they are!  The covers have a slick, shiny finish and each page is absolutely captivating.

Bug's Trip To The Store
When Bug realizes he needs gas, it's time for a trip to the gas station.  Poor Bug encounters several situations which frighten him along the way, but he finally arrives.  The moral of this book is to try things that may frighten you. 

Bug Meets His Friend
Bug has an entire day to play.  However, he can't decide if he wants to spend it at the playground or the race track.  When his friend, Cooper, shows up, they both agree to spend the day at the race track playing.  The moral of this book is that while doing things alone can be fun, doing them with a friend can be even better.

Bug Goes Through The Maze
Bug comes across a corn maze.  Once he gets to his first turn, he can't decide which way to go and becomes nervous.  He meets a few characters throughout the maze and learns to listen to his instincts and make smarter decisions.  The moral of his book is that if you persevere, you can accomplish.

I loved reading these quirky books.  As I mentioned before, the illustrations are definitely eye-catching.  The stories are written with whimsical rhyme that appeals to children.  Some of the words are too difficult for a child to read at such an age, but this would be a perfect book to read to your child.  As I was reading them, I was transported back to library class when I was in elementary school.  The librarian would sit and read us the most colorful, wonderful stories that I wouldn't have been able to read myself. 

Thanks, K.M. for allowing me to review these. I found them to be high quality, beautiful books that any young child (geared for ages 3-8)  would love.

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