Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shadows in Summer by Crescent Varrone

When injured ballet dancer Katrina Nielsen and her American husband, Richard, purchase Sound House, they hope that the charming home will ease their transition from New York to Copenhagen.  Katrina was just nineteen when she fled gloomy Denmark, leaving behind her mother, Ingrid, and her grief over her father's death.  Seven years later, she returns home to face the ghosts of her past.  Yet when weird events begin to occur at Sound House -inexplicable smoke and footsteps, a ghostly face at the window - she starts to think she is being haunted by the ghost of Karl Damsgaard, the original owner.  After she's 'attacked' by an unseen force, Katrina becomes convinced that something is trying to drive her out of the house...or out of her mind.  (Taken from the back of the book)

What a fun book!  It's dark and delicious the entire way through!  Each character is carefully constructed with a background full of skeletons and riddles.  Though most of their backgrounds have nothing at all to do with the story, they add an intrigue that just keeps you flipping page after page.  The fact that each chapter is written in first person by a different character in the book just adds to the realism of each character.  Together they form a complex web that snares you into the very core and keeps you guessing until the very end.  Is Sound House haunted?  You be the judge!  I still have no idea!

Overall, this is an excellent read for someone wanting a taste of haunting.  It doesn't go overboard on the paranormal, but just gives you enough of a teaser to make it realistic and plausible.  If you're still in the mood for a breezy summer read, this isn't it.  With fall fast approaching though, I strongly suggest you pick it up for the haunting month of October!

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