Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fascinomas by Clifton K. Meador,M.D.

To be clear, these are fascinating medical mysteries, the unusual.  This doesn't mean they're unsolved.  Although it's similar to the show House, it won't take you an hour to get through each story.  Also, these are short stories.  This isn't one long book.  Know what you're getting into and you'll find you'll enjoy yourself.  If you're long for one long medical mystery that is just waiting for you to solve it, you haven't found it here.

Each case has been shared and then compiled.  These are all true stories.  Each one offers a different type of insight.  Some will go into the personal feelings of the physician or how it affected them.  Others will go into more detail about a medical procedure or disease.

The wealth of knowledge here is actually stimulating.  The stories are short so that you can read as you want to.  Some of them, well I've seen them on television before so I wasn't surprised.  It was interesting to find that they were based on a factual story, however.  Some of them were so far 'out there' that I'm thankful I never have to worry about them happening to me.

If you are a fan of medical 'mysteries' and the unusual, this is the perfect book for you.  There are thirty-five different cases included.

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