Friday, May 9, 2014

The Cow-Pie Chronicles by James Butler

Tim and his younger sister, Dana, live on a farm.  For those of you who have never visited a farm, you can't imagine the shenanigans Tim gets up to!  For those of you who know how the farm works, you'll find yourself reliving thrills such as 'cow surfing'.  Everything changes though as Tim learns that they'll have to sell the farm and move.

Growing up in rural Indiana, this is 'home fries' stuff to me.  My grandparents were farmers, although they never let me have the same sort of fun that Tim has.  Then again, Tim doesn't seem to get caught quite as quickly as I always did!  I had a blast sitting back and relaxing and reliving part of my childhood, while at the same time wondering why I'd never thought to try some of those things.

I  can't imagine any child reading this and not being absolutely captivated by Tim and Dana.  Their situation is pretty difficult with having so many changes in their childhood, and all at once, but they handle it in different ways.  It's fun to watch them joking back and forth and picking on each other, but when it comes to loyalty, they have each other's backs.

This book is good, wholesome fun.  It's appeal is definitely geared towards boys around the ten year age, but younger readers will be able to keep up as well.  Also, there are plenty of 'girl' situations so it's not really just for boys.  As an adult, I fully enjoyed it.

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