Friday, May 9, 2014

Through a Broken Window by L.F.Falconer

Delicious creep factor of ten!

I fell in love with Falconer's work while reading her fantasy novels.  In them, you get just a glimpse of the dark and twisted side that she has.  In this book, she's put together a collection of short stories that showcases this side.

Not only does she have a flair for the dark and strange, she has this wonderful irony.  At the end of nearly every story I felt this wonderfully odd sense of justice and elation.  Don't get me wrong, there was nothing happy happening in any of these stories, but she has a way of taking the bad guy and having him get his 'just desserts' in the most luscious ways.  And no one is exempt.  It doesn't matter if you're a six-year-old child or an undercover porn star.  

If you like to read twisted tales that are a little different, I can't suggest this book highly enough.  Falconer's work is always well written and she has characters that absolutely burst with life.  Even in these short stories, she's still able to pull off the captivating drama that I've come to know her so well for.

Come, take a peek if you dare.  You probably won't get nightmares, but these stories will stick with you long after you read them.  They'll also make you rethink your actions the next time you're thinking about  doing anything that could be slightly immoral or wrong.  Punishment is waiting just around the corner, and in the least suspected shadow of it.  

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