Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Sad Tree and Pronuba by Christina Steiner

The desert is a lonely place for Joshua, a tree who has never seen another tree like him.  He asks everyone in his environment to hep him find a companion...but although the desert loves him, nobody can help.  Things change for Joshua one beautiful spring night when a tiny moth comes to visit.  This exquisite story about the life-cycle relationship between the Joshua Tree and the Pronuba Moth will delight readers of all ages.  (taken from the back of the book)

I am terrified of moths.  It's the one animal that can have me cowering in a corner in fear.  Normally, I call my teenage son to come take care of them for me.  Actually, he normally comes running when he hears me scream because he knows it means a moth is nearby.  However, Pronuba wasn't frightening at all!  What a sweet little friend!  Of course, I'm perfectly  happy that Pronuba is not my friend, but what a great friend for Joshua!

This is such a great children's book.  Not only does it have lessons on the cycle of life, but it also teaches how to deal with loneliness.  Joshua learns that by helping another, he can take the focus off of what he himself is wanting.  That's such a valuable lesson at any age.

If you're looking for a book to read to your child, or an audience of children.  This is a great choice.  There are a few speaking parts where you can change your voice for fun, but the writing has a lyrical quality to it that just begs to be read out loud.

The pictures are calm and beautiful.  Everything is bathed in Mojave brown with reds and blues and greens to enhance it.  Instead of being eye-popping pictures that  will excite, these pictures perfectly portray the flow of the story.  It's sad and sweet at the same time.

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