Monday, April 18, 2016

Invasion of the Dumb Snatchers by Scott Erickson

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Something is seriously wrong in America.  Growing numbers of people are embracing sustainability, efficiency, common sense, and economic sanity.  The rapid spread of intelligence is ruining our country and threatening our tradition of doing everything as stupidly as possible.

Only one man knows what's really happening.  Only Miles Bennell, assistant manager at Burger King, knows that aliens are replacing our bodies with exact duplicates.

Will he save us before the aliens destroy America?  Will he get Becky, the waitress at the local Hooters, to dump her idiot boyfriend Geoffrey so he can touch her boobs?  (taken from the back of the book)

First, this book is not intended for children or those with zero sense of humor.  If you bought your sense of humor at a blue light special, proceed with caution.

Imagine living room...Friday night.  I'd already read the book and laughed myself silly.  I have a room full of teenagers and the power goes out.  What else is there to do but light some candles and read this book aloud to them?!  Amidst cries of 'Oh Wow!' I did my best to channel Fry, unsuccessfully.

Admittedly, the humor in this book is definitely set for those with moderate intelligence.  It's packed full of jokes and wit, but a stunted knowledge base could cause you to miss them.  On the other hand, at times the satire goes too far.  Instead of being subtle and funny, it becomes more of a strong pounding.  That only happens twice in the book.

The last time I laughed this hard was when the kid shot his brother in Fido.  Imagine Fry from Futurama being cast in Idiocracy.  That's what you have here.  It's brilliant and hilarious.

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