Monday, April 4, 2016

The Frog That Lost His Croak by Anne Toole


A little frog who loved to croak night and day,
Was very sad when his croak suddenly went away.
While waiting and hoping for his croak to return,
What valuable lessons did the little frog learn?
                                       (taken from the back of the book)

I like the pictures because it helps you understand what they're saying in the text.  I like that it rhymes because it's easier to read.  Then again, it's also more fun to read.

There aren't too many words per page, but there are some pages that have a little bit more than others.  This book didn't take very long to read.

I think kids about five or older would enjoy this book.  Possibly younger children, if their parents read it to them.

You can predict what's going to happen in the story from the title.  I liked it because it gave you a heads up on what the book was going to be about.

How the little frog lost his croak, well he was croaking too much but he was also croaking in the rain.  So the rain could have been how he lost his croak.  I think the frog learned that he was noisy because he was croaking all the time and I think he was upset because he learned that he wasn't listening to the other animals.

In my opinion, you can learn from books that have life lessons.  This book was good because it had a life lesson in it.

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