Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Forget Coloring!!! Check out these fantastic PAPER DOLLS!!!

Yeah I know, coloring has been a craze for a couple of years now.  Personally, I never stopped coloring so I can't actually say that I bought into the fad.  Coloring is great though!  It provides stress relief, active brain function and is great for motor skills.

I'd like to take a moment to talk to you about paper dolls.  I don't mean these sticker versions they have now that aren't good for much of anything.  I mean the types of paper dolls that were available when I was a youngster.  I'm not anymore, you know.  A youngster, I mean.  I do still love paper dolls though!  You get these great flimsy cardboard characters that are usually in their underwear.  Then you get to cut out all these great little outfits and accessories!  Using scissors is great for your motor skills!  Then, you can mix and match and layer outfits!  Excellent for creative processing!  Then, you can take your characters and interact with them just like you would action figures!  Paper dolls are freakishly awesome!!!

This picture shows my mad picture-taking skills and will help you stretch your neck muscles!  I'm so thoughtful!

Alright, so I'll admit, I haven't had paper dolls in over ten years.  I only recently came upon a book that renewed my love of them.  It is such an awesome book!  I love the people at Dover who meet all of my 'activity book'  needs!  In this book, we have all sorts of famous action stars and a fun wardrobe to go with them.  It's sturdy!  That means I can get a lot of play time out of it before the heads become bent and they're constantly staring down at their nether regions!  Instead of being stickers or those silly punch out outfits, you get to put your scissor skills to good use!

Are you working on a promo?  Need something different?  Set up your paper dolls to do the fascinating work for you!  Need something to while away a rainy afternoon?  Set up your paper dolls in a window sill and pretend it's the apocalypse!  Just went to drive your co-workers crazy?  Put together Conan the Barbarian and Agent Jay and just let things happen naturally!  Are you lonely and need a fake boyfriend?  You're guaranteed to find just the right one in this assortment!

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