Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ezicash by Ian Thompson

The year is 2060, the month June, and it's raining outside.

So starts this tale of a time when the men and women of the United Kingdom, more specifically the residents of Stoke Hammond-a place some seven miles south of what used to be Milton Keynes- have to rise up and vanquish a posturing foe.

Set forty years after the collapse of the European Union, this story tells of a titanic struggle between Europe's strangling, new shadow, EZICASH, a plumber called Phil Lud and his apprentice, Snot.

Called out to what appears to be nothing more than a dripping tap, they are soon pulled into a conspiracy where their actions could very well change the world forever.  Banding together, a community is formed, one that could see these fair isles free, truly free, from its controlling yoke just a few watery miles away.

Can they defeat EZICASH?  Will another European behemoth fail?  Will Britain finally succumb to a destiny plotted so many years ago?

Or can a plumber put a spanner in the works...

Let me start off by reading you a that perfectly explains what you'll find in this book.

"...Abraham thought it best to just panic, half crouch, half stand and bob about while making an 'eeargg' sound.  Soon pushed out of the way by May, he felt relieved to be marginalised and useless."

You can't help but notice the humorous imagery.  These two, tiny sentences, completely convey exactly what's happening and the reader can see it clearly.

We also have the option of taking this snippet at face entertainment value, or delving deeper.  On the surface, we see a man panicking and being shoved out of the way.  Digging a little further in to it, we see that he has made the conscientious choice to panic.  His feelings at being pushed out of the way show that he feels relieved to be back in his comfort zone, as well as what that comfort zone is.  We also get a glimpse at what sort of person May is.

The entire book runs this gamut.  It's intricately designed so that it can be read for pure entertainment value or studied and discussed.  There's plenty of humor, but it's not raucous, laugh out loud humor.

This book is part of a genre that I shall henceforth term 'chameleon' because of how versatile it is.  It's deep, yet shallow.  It has an intricate plot that you can easily ignore.  We have plenty of political and sociological statements, but if you don't want them, you can gloss right over them.  It's a dystopian as well as a fantasy as well as science fiction as well as mystery.  We have romance and adventure.  What makes this a chameleon book is that it's built so that you can pick and choose which ones you want to take part in.  None of them is overwhelming.

If you're looking for something a little different,  I suggest you check this out.  The flow and storytelling are smooth.  You can pick and choose which elements of the story you want to stick out. There truly is something for everyone here.  If you're looking for a book for your book group, this is a definite.  There are so many different facets to the book that you could take months discussing them.

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