Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What should we order this week??

Due to life, we weren't able to put in last week's order!  Argh!  So, we're just going to put in a double order this week.  We're allowed to do that because I'm the boss and I said so!

So, tomorrow I'll be ordering all review staff requested books, two books off of the 'to buy and review' list, as well as a book that was suggested last week and one that is suggested today.  Also, we'll have two random pick books.  In the beginning, I was trying to make sure these books had fewer than five reviews on Amazon.  My thinking was that I could give a little surprise marketing to some authors out there who needed it.  I still love the idea, but I realized a crucial error on my part.  I didn't leave myself any  money in the budget to buy the books that I want!  I have so many authors that I simply adore and they're always coming out with wonderful new books and I need them all!  Some of them are absolutely amazing and mail them to me, but I certainly don't expect that.  So, the last two books on the list will be just random books that I want.  Whether they belong to an author that I love, or it's an unknown that I just want to give a little publicity, or it's simply a book that I need for a collection, I'm sure it'll be something fun!

What should we buy this week?  Give us your suggestions!!  If you've been around for a bit, you know that every suggested book goes on the 'to buy and review' list.  I'll admit that this list moves a little slowly, but eventually I'll get to them all!

Do you have a new book release?  Do you want a little added marketing?  Did you just read something great you think we'll enjoy?  Tell us about it!!

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