Friday, December 16, 2016

What did we order this week???

First, I'd like to sincerely apologize.  Due to issues involving real life, I'm really late (again!)  getting this posted.  Some day, I'd love this to be my full time job, but for now, it has to be a back seat hobby.  It's all about priorities, right?!  I still have a stack of reviews to get posted, but it'll get there.  It's the holidays and nobody is sitting around reading reviews right now anyway!  If you are, I'm super sorry...I will get to it!  I'm determined!  First, I need to finish wrapping gifts and making chocolates.  Then I have some wonderful family time this weekend.  After that, then I'll work on getting caught up!  I have something really fun planned for the first of the year, if I can catch up with myself!  But I digress!!

First, we have a reviewer request.  This is part of a series that we've been reviewing.

Next, another reviewer request!  I'm enjoying having a true crime reviewer!

This one is a pre-order, but I can't wait!  If you know Ed, you know he's an awesome guy.  I'm interested to check out his writing, and what better book to start with than this???  Just look at that cover!  It's available for order on Kindle now, but you all know I'm a hard copy junkie.

This one was on my 'to buy and review' list.  I think a little silliness is definitely in order!

And lastly, we have our less than five reviews book.  I was a little selfish here and went for something I probably won't read...or review...but it goes to my George Macy set and it's time I started filling in those missing slots!  I have several shelves of them, but I know I have a few missing volumes.  This was one of them and now it'll be mine!  All mine!

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