Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What did we order this week??

Things have been a little crazy here this week!  I've got a stack of reviews I'm hoping to get put in by this weekend.  That's not the point though!  It's ordering day!!  I'm veering off track a little this week because of the chaos.  Normally, I pick and choose quite carefully what we're going to buy each week.  This week, in the snippets that I've been online, I've been adding things to my cart.  As a reward to myself for still being sane on Wednesday  night, I'm buying whatever I have in my cart, as well as my reviewer requests!

This first one is a reviewer request.  I've really been enjoying reading these reviews!  I'm hoping she reads the entire series!

This second one, I know nothing about, but I do know my reviewer and that means it's probably a riveting true crime!

Next up, I am a huge Jerome K. Jerome fan.  I fell in love with his works when I was an itty bitty kid spending my afternoons in the book room at the local antique store.  It was brought to my attention that I don't have this particular copy, and that must be remedied!!  If you need to know how to deal with ugly babies or women with the vapors, Jerome is the man to turn to!

We're picking up two Vincent Scarsella books!  Why?  Because!  Yes!  That's my logic!  First up, we have Return to the Psi Academy.  I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on this one!  I was just waiting for hard copy to show up and now it's going to be mine!  If you have a science-minded kid, they're going to eat this up!  I'm not a science-minded kid...but I'm going to gobble it up too!

Then, we're getting Anonymous Man.  Eventually, I will own every book that Vincent Scarsella writes.  If I'm lucky, they'll all be autographed.  I'm picking this one up because it's a great deal and I want to read it and put it on my shelf.

We're also getting J.L. Murray's Monstrous!  This one was just released this week and I've been waiting forever to get a hold of it!  Doesn't it look like great fun?!  Murray is a darling with a twisted mind and I can't wait to sample her writing!

Lastly, we have All Darling Children.  I've been waiting since October to get my hands on a hard copy.  Everything Katrina writes has this unique charm to it.  You can't help but be fascinated by her work.  This is sort of a horrific re-telling of Peter Pan, to my understanding, and I'm really anxious to see her darker side.  It is my fervent hope that one day, when the fabulous Gregory Maguire stops writing, Katrina Monroe/Saete will be my 'go to' author for magic and wonder.

Hopefully, we'll be back to our normal ordering schedule next week.  In the meantime, keep sending us those suggestions!

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