Sunday, March 2, 2014

Out of the Cave by Cotton E. Davis

This book starts out as a brilliant idea.  In the not-too-distant future, time-warpers have gone back nearly 40,000 years and returned with a 6 year-old neanderthal boy.  After a two-year-long battle, his adoptive parents are able to get him away from the institution that treats him like a specimen rather than a child.  Adam, as he was aptly named, is now fifteen and his father has decided it's time for him to become socially acclimated by sending him to high school.

At this stage, we mostly devolve into high school drama.  Will Adam make the football team? Will he actually get to play or just warm the bench?  Will our little high school love triangle work itself out?  All along the way, we also have authority figures explaining historical backgrounds of 'cavemen' and 'time travel'.

If you can look past all of the high school drama and 'teaching moments', there's actually a viable story here.  Keep a close eye on Adam.  Even though he's been in human society for nine years, he's just now beginning to figure out who he is and who he was before he was transported through time.  If you can keep the story from Adam's perspective, it's actually quite heart-rendering.

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