Thursday, March 6, 2014

Schism and Stars Giveaway!!

Michael Phillip Cash
In order to celebrate our new Facebook page, Michael Phillip Cash has generously agreed to do something unusual.  He's autographing a star!  For one lucky person!  I'll be sending you a copy of Schism The Battle for Darracia.  

So, first let me say I'm a big fan of Michael's work.  I've read everything he's written.  To be honest, Brood X is my favorite but Schism may overtake it by the time I finish the next book in the series, Collision.  Watch for my review of Collision coming soon!  OK So, when you get a chance, check out the book!  It's great sci-fi and a fun read!

Now, check out these awesome stars!  We came across these and we knew they were just right!  Now, here's the deal.  Michael is autographing one!  For you!  That's right!  You'll be the only person in the entire world to have a Michael Phillip Cash star of your very own!  Show it to your friends!  Post a picture on Facebook!  Stand outside in your underwear and shout it out to the neighborhood!  Okay, scratch that last.  You get the point!  You cannot get this anywhere else!  This is a one-time deal!  You DO NOT want to miss this!

So, a little more about the stars. Each mirror is 5.5" wide and it's peel and stick.  There's no glass so supposedly they're child safe.  No sticky residue when you remove and re-stick!  These mirrors have gotten 5-star reviews on Amazon, just be sure to remove the protective film covering before sticking up for best clarity!  Who wouldn't want this?!?!

Entry is easy!  We'll be drawing a winner on March 31st.  So, what do stars have to do with Schism??  Besides that they start with the letter 's'?  We're not telling!  And neither will Michael!  You'll have to read the book to find out!  OK Technical stuff:  One winner drawn.  US only.  

Now get pushing buttons and up your chances to win! Good luck!

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  1. Your review got me really interested in this. It would be awesome to win this! And the autographed star mirrors is a cool idea! :D


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