Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Poetry and Post-its Giveaway!

I have been so blessed to be friends with J K Blaylock for years.  Throughout that time, I've watched him truly blossom as a person and I've watched his talent for word being honed.  J K comes from an incredibly talented and artistic family.  In that family, he is the master wordsmith.  Though Poetry in Progress isn't the first compilation that he's published in, it is the most recent, so we're giving a copy away!  Not only that, because poetry flows from J K's heart, he's also autographing a heart shaped Post-it note dispenser to give away with one copy of the book!

So, here are the rules!  We will draw one winner on April 18th, making it an extra Good Friday for one lucky person out there!  That person will win a copy of Poetry in Progress as well as the authographed Post-it notes dispenser!  You CANNOT get this anywhere else!  You will be the only person in the world with a J K Blaylock autographed Post-it dispenser!  It's freakishly awesome!  It's useful!  It's fun to look at!  And what better way to pick up girls?  Seriously!  'Yeah, Poet J K Blaylock signed this for me.  Shall I recite some of his work?'  The women will be swooning at your feet!  Don't want women swooning at your feet?  Then don't recite poetry!

J K's poetry is heartfelt and unique.  It comes from a place deep inside his soul that has only been truly tapped into within the last couple of years. Manipulation of words is his passion.  Not only that, there's something for everyone, whether you want to read about life's great mysteries or just want to reminisce over the last cheeseburger you consumed.

So!  Stop reading and enter!  Don't forget to come back every day for the free daily entry!

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