Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wolves and Wheels Giveaway!

If you read my review of Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet, then you know that I loved it.  What I love even more, is that Aurora has agreed to do an authographed giveaway with us!  We'll choose one lucky winner on April 11th.  That person will receive a copy of Bloodmark along with a red Hot Wheels '68 Shelby GT500!  Seriously, even if you're not in this for the book, you know that is one saweeet ride!  And...the coolest part?  Aurora is autographing it!  Nowhere else in the entire universe can you enter to win a Shelby GT500 that has been autographed by an author!

So, why did we hook up wolves with wheels?? We're not telling!  Once you get the book, you can read it and figure it out for yourselves!  We promise there's a connection, like there is with all of our authographed giveaways...but I'm not one for giving out spoilers!

Run!  Don't walk!  Get to the rafflecopter and get your entries in!  How amazing would it be to invite your friends over and show them your one of a kind Shelby!?  You know you want it!  Plus, the book is an amazing read!  You'll need to read it in order to pick up the next in the series, which I'm sure Aurora is working on even as I type this up!  *wink wink*  *nudge nudge*  *hint hint*

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. This contest has not yet started? Ahhh, I want in! Lol :)

    Say, do I get an extra point for being the first one here? :D

  2. I've entered the last four days and it says done, come back tomorrow. ..then the next day my number goes back down! The rafflecopter is broken!!! Ugh.


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