Friday, July 16, 2010

Fearless: The 7 Principles of Peace of Mind by Brenda Shoshanna, PhD

When I first received this book, I had to chuckle.  It's rather a large book to just list 7 principles for peace of mind.  By the time I finished, however, I had a completely different mindset.  It's rather a tiny book for all of the information that it holds.

Taking both eastern and western philosophies and religions, Dr. Shoshanna has created a book for everyone regarding how to take control of your life.  She shows us how to remove fear and fantasy from our daily lives.  The importance of being oneself and knowing oneself is something that we all need to be interested in.  I wouldn't necessarily consider this a self-enlightenment book, although that's what I took away from it.  Shoshanna uses several stories as comparisons to get her point across. 

For myself, going through a period of change in my life, I found this book particularly helpful.  It explained to me the importance of not only embracing change, but enjoying it in all of it's chaotic glory.  I strongly suggest this book for anyone who's going through a divorce, lonely, looking for love, looking for enlightenment, or simply wanting to know themself and their surroundings better.  Though at the beginning the book comes across as dry, stick it through until the third and fourth chapters.  It definitely picks up and flows better and the knowledge contained is immeasurable.

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