Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Little Red Bat by Carole Gerber

Fall has come and nearly winter. It’s time for Little Red Bat to figure out what he’s going to do for the winter. He comes across several other animals who tell him what they plan to do for the winter and warn him of possible dangers if he should stay instead of migrating.

Illustrations in this book are dark and realistic. Deeper earth tones keep the book in a toned down mood that follows the storyline. Fall has come and with it, everything is quieting down to sleep for the winter. The only bright colors you’ll find are the muted shades of the fall leaves. Though I love how the pictures fit with the mood, it’s not really bright enough to captivate younger readers. Children of 7-8 would probably love the depictions though.

There are more words per page than the average 4 or 5 year old could handle in a sitting. This would be a great bedtime story since it has such quiet, hushed tones. It would also be a great story for older children. The wording is more in the fashion of literature than rhyme. An older child might find this engaging where a younger child would probably be bored.

At the end of the book we find an educational section. It has information regarding bats, how animals deal with seasonal changes, and regarding red bats specifically. There are also a few creative activities about bats. I love this section as a tool for both parents and teachers to use with children.

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