Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spirit by Andrew Feder

I read an average of 7-10 books a week.  They vary from flighty romance to historical nonfiction.  I read everything from books on how to fix the government to books on who Miss Elaine was dating in the 1400's.  Most of the books I read are middle of the road.  On a 1-5 scale, most of them fall in the 2-4 category.  Luckily I've only come across 2 books in my lifetime that have registered on the scale of 1.  On the other end of the scale, we have 5.  Books that I'd rate a 5 are difficult to come by.  These are the books that I can't put down.  The ones I read while taking a bath, vaccuuming, driving (ok, I made that one up!).  These are the few, the rare, books that I deem worth of telling my 'reading family' about.  Spirit definitely made it to the 5 category!

In this book, we have Randall Lender.  He's a spiritual guru who's life is spent trying to enlighten others.  His life is filled with love and the sharing of that love.  He's also a wanted man.  His 'preaching' has been showing people how organized religion, the government and even operations designed to aid humanity are actually sucking the love and life out of us. 

The Guilders are a group of men from different organizations.  We have every one from a rabbi to the Dark One.  The Guilders know that lender is a threat to their very existence and want him taken care of, and not in the 'get him a stripper and a bottle of Jack' sort of way.

Lender decides to cancel his appointments for one afternoon, taking a much-needed break to relax.  He decides to astral project himself out of his body and go 'astral surfing'.  Instead of being pulled back into his body, however, he finds himself in someone else's.  This body is covered in warmth and he finds a murdered woman right beside him.  As he discovers the murder weapon in his hand, the police swarm him.

Lender's spirit has been trapped in the body of Johnny M, a mob assassin.  Now Lender is trapped, not only in the wrong body, but in the midst of the mafia, the government and the police.  Not only that, he's in a war to save his very soul.  He is a WARRIOR OF LIGHT!

Seriously, this was just such a fun book for me!  I haven't read any of Feder's work before, although I'm not sure why.  The plot behind the book is pure genius and I wonder why no one's thought of it before.  They mystery is welll-done.  The characters are quirky and alive.  Fast-paced reading and cliffhangers keep you turning page after page.  Best of all, for me, the sex scenes were delicious!  Anyone who knows my reading knows that I nearly always skip over the sex scenes in books.  They just aren't for me.  I don't really care about anybody else's love rod or where they're sticking it.  Feder made this fun for me though :)  I swear he had to have Googled horrible cliches to write these scenes.  No woman is going to read these sex scenes and swoon.  I'm sure a few men would love them, however!  For me, I giggled right through them and enjoyed every single 'hackey sack' moment :)

Overall, this book is a gem and one I've been suggesting to family and friends alike.  I definitely wouldn't call it classic literature, but it's a wonderful read.  It also contains some thoughtful information regarding spirituality and religion. 

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