Monday, July 5, 2010

I Will Not Be Silent by April Maley

This gripping drama is April's first account telling of her childhood.  Well, more specifically, the incident that happened when she was nine, the history leading up to that, and what's happened since.  April is the eldest of four children who lived a nightmare of child abuse and domestic violence.  As an adult, April has decided that writing this book will help her come to terms with her past.  I hope it has brought her some peace.

I applaud April for taking the time to make up names and towns so that the rest of her family who wish to not deal with the issue will be protected.  That being said, she did an excellent job of putting this story together.  It's a little difficult to do a book review on someone's life, but as a reviewer, I'm going to stick to the actual story and writing and hope that the book has fulfilled it's need in April's life and not delve into that area. 

The characters are well-written.  Considering they're based on real people, you'd think that would be a given, but it's not.  April did an excellent job of keeping them realistic for the reader.  Were this not a recounting of her history, it would still be good fiction.  Though gut-wrenching, the story is well-told and a fascinating read.  You can quickly get through it within a couple of hours and feel like you walked away with something.

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