Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Painkiller Ghosts by J. Marc Harding

After his girlfriend's death, 30 something year old Thymothy X Exler moves back home with his mother, Suzanne, to get stability, and then changes his  name to Thyme.  While out walking, Thyme witnesses a tragedy that changes the direction of his life.  meanwhile, Suzanne is stalked and threatened by a man she dated briefly and Thyme takes matters into his own hands, with kitchen utensils.  Soon, the man begins appearing in the lives of Thyme's friends with disturbing consequences.  Thyme begins to hear the jingle of his dog's collar occasionally, but his dog died years ago.  And then Chastity disrupts things even more. - taken from the back of the book

I had a great time reading this book!  The suspense kept me intrigued and the storyline kept me engrossed.  The characters are interesting in that they aren't like anyone I've ever known.  There's still a sense of realism, but they're behavior borders on the outlandish.  I'm sure there really are people like these in the world somewhere, just not in my own personal reality.

What really hit me the most about this book is Harding's way of writing.  It's nearly poetic.  In the beginning it's more noticeable than later on in the book, but it's still there for those that are looking for it.  The way the words are strung together is beautiful and haunting in the beginning.  Later, as it becomes more natural, the tone of the poetry of his writing alters to match the mood of the book.  Though the story was entertaining, it was Harding's flair with words that kept me from putting the book down.

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