Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Perform Like a Rock STar and Still Have Time for Lunch by Orna W. Drawas

Take the guesswork out of success and focus on the actions that can make you a star.  Filled with inspirational stories from successful executives, athletes, and ordinary people, Perform Like a Rock Star offers a clear road map for accomplishing impressive results that can move you forward faster than you ever thought possible. - taken from the back of the book

This book is definitely for the individual with their career in mind.  I have mixed emotions and thoughts on this book.  While reading it I felt rushed, as though the author was speaking to me and had a lot to say and minimal time to say it.  Although, as a reader, I have all the time in the world to read this book, there was such a sense of urgency in the way it's written that I didn't feel like I could slow down and let everything sink in.  On the other hand, the pop culture references, cartoons, inspirational stories and lyrics were well-worth being rushed. 

The most useful part of this book is the second half.  Most of the beginning of the book talks about being a star and finding your goals and other helpful tidbits.  The second half goes a bit more in depth and gives you key information on taking care of pesky co-workers, formatting better e-mails and making meetings more productive.  This book focuses on prioritizing, which should go without saying in the business world, but Orna shows ways to remove the clutter from your business life and make it easier to achieve those priorities.  At the end of the book there's a section with discussions and activities.  These are designed to help you personally make the most of your business life and become a 'rock star'.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing my book and your comments are truly appreciated. Believe it or not, many people say they are "too busy" to read books on improving their busy lives.... so yes, this book says a lot quickly and tries to drive the concepts home with entertaining stories. Wishing you Rock Star Status in 2011! Orna Drawas, author of PERFORM LIKE A ROCK STAR and Still Have Time for Lunch.


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