Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Edric the Hatchling Gryphon by Eric K. Williams,D. Min.

Aerek,  woodsman and former soldier, comes across a beautiful yet strange looking stone while hiking deep in his mountain woods.  He shares his discovery with his friend Beecie, and together they find the surprise of their lives.  This is not a stone at all! Itis the egg of a mysterious creature called a Gryphon.  This is the story of their adventures with a hatchling Gryphon named Edric.(taken from the back of the book)

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Gryphons.  Edric has found his own special spot.  If you go onto Eric's Facebook page, you can see pictures of Edric heading off on a pontoon ride!  He's an adorable little Gryphon!

And this was an adorable little story!  The characters are just awesome.  They remind me of when my sons and I play act and get all silly and uppity.  'Why yes, sir!  Your tea will most certainly be done by mid-morning!'  And you know you have to add that wonderful little playful accent!  The entire story is told from Aerek's perspective and so you immediately adopt this wonderful play acting voice for him that reaches throughout the entire story.  Breecie has this fairy like quality to her and every time you're reading a section with her in it, you can just see her filmy little dress blowing in the breeze while she extends her pinky for another sip of tea.

Edric is the sweetest little thing!  From the moment he hatches, he has this wonderful charm about him.  It's difficult to explain.  He's noble and kind and protective, but he still wants his ale and his gold!  I loved getting to be a part of his early years and seeing him knighted and becoming a hero!  The best part is that this is the beginning of his journey, so I'm sure we have a lot more to learn about him.

This sweet adventure story would be great for children ages ten and up.  Honestly, it's a little simplistic for most adults, but the story is still enough to keep you engaged.  There are some great morals enclosed that are gently nudged at you instead of hammered into you. There's also a great battle scene at the end for the adventure seeker.

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