Monday, September 8, 2014

The Living by Matt de la Pena

By Mike

Shy took the summer job to make some money.  In a few months on a luxury cruise liner, he'll rake in the tips and be able to help his mom and sister out with the bills.  And how bad can it be?  Bikinis, free food, maybe even a girl or two- every cruise has different passengers, after all.

But everything changes when the Big One hits.  Shy's only weeks out at sea when an earthquake more massive than ever before recorded hits California, and his life is forever changed.

 The earthquake is only the first disaster.  Suddenly, it's a fight to survive for those left living.  (taken from Amazon description)

What a great book!  It's one of the best I've read in a long time.  First, it's the combover guy as he jumps overboard and the fight Sky has to keep a hold of him...and loses!  What a rush! Then we have days in the lifeboat with Addison, a woman he hates!  Their battle to survive the seas and sharks was outstanding.  Then we meet Shoeshine (who also worked in special ops), who saves Shy.  Then to find out, the earthquake isn't the only issue, but there's a sickness sweeping America.  And then when I found out why everything was happening!  I'm amazed!

I'm looking forward to the next book called The Hunted, which is currently scheduled to be released May of 2015.

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