Monday, September 8, 2014

The Lady of Arlington by John Perry

By Mike

Many know about her husband, Robert E. Lee, and her great-grandmother, Martha Washington many have visited the cemetery that now occupies her family estate.  But few today know much about Mary Custis Lee herself.  Chronically ill and often in excruciating pain, Mary raised seven children, faithfully witnessing to her husband for years before his conversion.  She retained her dignity and faith throughout a fruitless, heartbreaking attempt to win compensation for the confiscation of her home and possessions.  History is never more powerful than when it provides a role model for enduring hardship with sturdy and radiant faith.  Mary Custis Lee is such an example.  (taken from Amazon description)

Being from the south, I have studied Robert E. Lee.  I have family buried in Arlington.   So, going into this book, I already knew a lot of the history of the place.  It was great getting Mary's perspective.  We always hear about the men going to war, but this book gave us a look into the family side.  We all seem to forget that when the men go to war, there is always someone waiting at home for them to come back.

This book is one for my keeper shelf.

Mike's personal note:  The Lee family took the government to court over the handling of Arlington and was awarded $150,000.00

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