Monday, November 28, 2016

Evil and the Details by Roy A Teel Jr


In Evil and the Details, John Swenson lives a double life as an FBI agent and the serial killer known as The Eagle.  The Eagle hunts down horrible criminals, tortures them, and makes sure to leave evidence of their evils for the FBI to find.

This book has realistic characters, showing how one would think FBI agents would actually act in these scenarios.  The story switches views between some of the agents, mainly going between John and Steve.  My only complaint is that the dialogue feels really rushed. Usually, I have been taught to make a new paragraph every time the person who is speaking changes, and that doesn't happen in this book.  I also do have to warn that they are very graphic with the torture, and will explain what is happening as much as an excited child would describe their new favorite toy.  It's graphic.  Really graphic.

However, dialogue and brutality aside, the book is a really good read.  I personally loved the psychology behind the book.  The author very accurately portrays how John's character actually would act if in real life.  If you can stomach gruesome things, then you are good to go.


  1. Hello,

    I want to thank you for your well articulated review of book two in my thirty novel Iron Eagle Series. As an author I work very hard to not only challenge myself but also my readers. Evil and the Details book two in my series was born (as all of my novels in this series are) out of true life tragedy. The novel is dedicated to my childhood friend Tommy (Thomas Glenn Lundgren) the first victim of William Bonin aka The Freeway Killer who terrorized Los Angeles from 1979 to late 1980. While I am currently writing book twenty in the series, "Ransom" I wanted to thank you for the wonderful review and for not giving away spoilers. I can assure you that Maria Martinez and Karen Faber also thank you... (a little tease both characters come back later in the series to take on prominent roles)Thank you again for the review.


    Dr. Roy A. Teel Jr., Author
    Narroway Publishing LLC/Imprint: Narroway Press
    Member: The Authors Guild
    Member: IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association)
    Member: PEN America Center
    Member: AWP

  2. Thank you so much, Roy! I know that Griffin and I both plan to get the rest of this series!


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