Monday, November 28, 2016

Justice for Sara by Erica Spindler


Justice for Sara by Erica Spindler is about a young woman, Kat, coming back to her hometown, and the site of her older sister's grisly murder.  Her reason for returning is to help solve her sister's murder as well as clear her own name.

While this book was very much the typical crime novel, I thought it was a fun read.  The plot and characters weren't especially complex or unique, but it was a lot better than most crime novels and had very good pacing.

My biggest complaint about this novel would probably be the poorly written and very forced romance.  But, since this is something that is found in almost every genre, it isn't too much of a turn off.

Over all, I would say that Justice for Sara, while not a life changingly amazing story, is definitely worth a read.

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