Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What did we buy this week PART TWO!!!

First, I want to thank all of you awesome authors that keep having book parties.  Not only are these great fun, but I'm meeting a lot of great new authors.  And some of you, bless your sweet hearts, keep seeing fit to send me Amazon gift cards!  You know what we do with these?  We buy more books!  We've had a pretty lucky week, so it's going to be a super fun shopping week!  Not only did we have an order yesterday, but I have plenty of interesting purchases for today!!

We have two reviewer requested books this week.

Grimm Fairy Tales adult coloring book!  I can't wait to see what these pictures look like!

Lost but Not Forgotten activity book!  I really love that our reviewers are branching out into something new this week!

Next is our book from our 'to buy and review' list.  Every book that gets suggested to us goes on this list.  I also add in any books I come across that look interesting as well as every book party 'star' that I attend.  My list has grown exponentially since I started this!  Let's see who the lucky winner is this week....The Rules of Super Villainy!  Doesn't this look like great fun?!?!

For our third (and usually final)  purchase, we need to find a book that has fewer than five reviews on Amazon.  I try to find something that isn't well know...hopefully a hidden gem amidst the vast expanse of books.  Aaaand...I'm cheating a little this week!  This book currently has zero reviews, so it technically fits the parameters, however!  The only reason it doesn't have any reviews yet is because it was just released two days ago.  I have several holes on my Finn shelf so I'm going to use this opportunity to fill one!  Woo hoo!

Because we have extra fundage this week, I'm going to buy something just because I want it!  I've been wanting to read Michael McClung's work and with the latest in this series being recently released, I can't pass it up.  And seriously....LOOK at those book covers!!!  Simply breathtaking!!  This is one of those times where even if the books suck, I don't care!  I'm buying them for the covers and any magic I find between the pages will be a bonus!  Don't let me down, Michael!

As another bonus this week, because Vincent Scarsella made us an offer we couldn't refuse, we also ordered a hard copy of Psi Wars!  I adored this book and can't wait to get the second one!  However, I only have e-copy and we all know how much I despise them!  This way, I can look at the pretty pages and begin a Scarsella shelf in the library!  Thank you, Vince!

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