Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What are we buying for Timothy W. Long week?!?!

Our normal buying schedule is that we order one book from the suggestions given on Tuesday, we order one book from the 'to buy and review' list, and we order one random book that has five reviews or less.  This week, we're changing things up.  We're proclaiming it Timothy W. Long Week!  That means we're ordering a couple of requests for our staff reviewers, and everything else will be books by Tim Long.  This will be fun!!  It'll also help fill in a few gaps on his shelf in my keeper library!

Our first staff pick is The Amish Nanny.  It's the second book in the Women of Lancaster County series.  We've already received the review for the first book and I look forward to reading and posting it this week!

Our second staff pick is Her Silent Tears.  This is a true crime, child abuse novella.

Now, on to our Tim Long books!!

I really, really want a copy of Wacktards of the Apocalypse, but it's definitely not in my budget to buy this book this week, so we're not getting it.  Yet!  It's on my list though!  I might have to save up a few weeks of book ordering for it!

This one is on my wishlist as well, but it's definitely not one in the budget for this week either!  Check it out!  I so need this for my collection!

OK Enough wish list shopping!  Let's get to the purchases!

First up, we're buying Zombie Wilson.  I'm expecting a cheesy Castaway/Zombie Strippers sort of story!

Of course, we desperately need The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole. This one has actually been on my wish list for awhile!

This one looks fun!  At the Behest of the Dead!  It's gotten pretty good ratings, but I would still want it even if it didn't!

Alright, our budget will allow for one more book this week.  Let's see....Dr. Spengle vs The Unicorn Horror!

If you're looking at my choices and thinking to yourself that they look like campy B-horror fun, then I agree with you!  Now, if that isn't your thing, I strongly suggest you check out the Z-risen series or Damaged.  Damaged is his most recent book (that I'm aware of!)  and I adored it!  It wasn't campy, but there was plenty of action and surprise!

Confidential to Timothy W. Long:  We're thankful you've survived the last week and looking forward to your increasing health.  We're also looking forward to a wonderful horror book about the perils of hospital food!

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