Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What did we buy this week?!

I'm super excited about ordering today!  I attended a book release party this week and won an Amazon gift card!  What better way to spend it than on ordering day?!

First on our list is our 'suggested' book.  We're buying two of them this week because they were suggested by my review staff.  Every other book that was suggested has been put on the 'to buy' list.  You all know the drill by now!

They look pretty contrasting, don't they!?  I can't wait to see the reviews for these!

Next up, we have our book off of our 'to buy' list.  These books come from suggestions and interesting books I find during the week.  Every book that goes on the 'to buy' list will eventually be purchased!  So, if I didn't buy your suggestion this week, don't worry!  It'll happen!  This week we're buying April Wood's debut novel, Winter's Curse.  Why?  Because I like her!  And you can't stop me!

Our third book is just a random find.  I try to find something nobody's really heard of that has very few, if any, Amazon reviews.  This week, because of time constraints, I had some help searching.  This should be interesting!!!  Blood of the Fallen.  It sounds promising!

Normally, this is where we'd stop.  Other than October, which is Vampire Books for Blood month.  We have something new, something listed, and something no one's ever heard of.  But!  We have surprise book monies to spend thanks to Jean Rabe!  What better way to spend it than on books we came across during her release party?!  First we have Jean's newest release, Dead of Winter.  Then, because we still had money to spend, we just had to buy Lizzie Borden, Vampire Hunter.

That's it for this week!  Make sure you come back on Tuesday and give us more great suggestions for next week!  Happy reading!!!

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