Friday, February 17, 2017

Planetary Awards

The Planetary Awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing is one of the newer awards out. There are two categories (short story/novella and novel)  and the winners are chosen by book bloggers.

If you were part of the nomination process, you're finished.  However, if you weren't and you're a blogger, it's time to go cast your vote.  Simply post your vote on your blog, youtube channel, or podcast and then leave a comment here so they can count your vote.  You can vote in both categories.  Closing date is April 1st, 2017.

Who are the nominees this year?

Short stories/novellas:

Athan and the Priestess by Schuyler Hernstrom
Awakening by Susan Kaye Quinn
Edge by Russell Newquist
The Gift of the Ob-Men by Schuyler Hernstrom
The Glass Flower by George RR Martin
Images of the Goddess by Schuyler Hernstrom
Paper Cut by Aeryn Rudel
Purytans by Brad Torgersen

Arkwright by Allen Steele
Babylon's Ashes by James SA Corey
Hel's Bet by Doug Sharp
Memories of Ash by Intisar Khanani
Murphy's Law of Vampires by Declan Finn
The Secret Kings by Brian Niemeier
Swan Knight's Son by John C Wright

It was tough making my decision because there are a few good novels here.  However, Literary Litter is officially casting its vote for Murphy's Law of Vampires by Declan Finn.  It's the second book in Finn's Love at First Bite series.  I'm a big fan of Finn's writing style.  In this series, he's created fascinating characters and plenty of challenges.

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