Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Returning to the Psi Academy with Vincent Scarsella

It’s not magic, it’s real... The war between good and evil psi warriors gets into high gear in this second installment of the Psi Wars! series with our teen heroes, Henry Greenberg and Sebastian Drake, involved in more thrilling psychic hijinks. Having escaped The Psi Academy, Sebastian and Captain Fabian come looking for Henry to help them rescue Sebastian’s father, Colonel Peter Drake, and the others being held captive by the evil Kinsman z-Prime on Level 13 of the Psi Cave. But after teleporting inside, Henry and Sebastian are met by the unexpected and find that who they thought was bad may not be bad after all. Their adventure takes them to The Realm Beyond The Realm—the place beyond space and time—a necessary step to enable them return the Psi Academy for a face off against the baddest of psi warriors in the most important battle of the Psi War. Amazing psychic powers are on display—telekinesis, telepathy, tele-influencing and more—in this rip-roaring adventure where the magic of flying vans, dragon wraiths, and wolfboars become reality in a battle for the minds of ordinary men. And lurking beneath all this is Henry’s struggle over who is truly good and who is truly bad.

I absolutely loved the first book in this series and couldn't wait to jump into the next one.  As a series, it has so much going for it.  The Psi Academy teaches young cadets about fringe science.  Every child at the academy has an ability of some sort.  It's like magic, but it's real.  Everything is well-researched and it's explained in a manner that young children can understand.

When I picked up the second book, I had a bit of an issue.  It's a little slow in the beginning.  You really need to start reading the second book as soon as you finish the first.  It needs that momentum to get you through the beginning.  After that, however, there's so much excitement!  Instead of focusing so much on science and teaching, this book deals more with strategy.  There are some great science lessons, but it's more adventurous than the first.  We get to hang out with the kids as they battle the big bad in this one.  If you begin the second book immediately after the first, you'll be thankful for the breathing time in the beginning.

The best part of this series for me is that it give the reader a chance for unexpected knowledge.  I remember as a young child, I read about Irma Baumlein and I learned what 'cerulean' meant.  That's stuck with me my entire life.  I was reading along, and BAM!, there was something I didn't know, and I had to find out.  This entire series is full of unexpected tidbits like that.  It's a fantastic way for kids to get lost in an adventure and start asking questions.

In the first book, we were able to attend lessons and have our world set up for us.  It was absolutely riveting!  This second book, we're out in the field more.  I'm anxious to see where Scarsella goes with the third book.  He hasn't announced he's working on it, but he left himself wide open at the end of this one, so I have no doubt that he is.

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