Friday, June 6, 2014

June Giveaway!

Carrie's Strings N Things is an adorable little Etsy shop.  She specializes in all things Yorkie, but I've seen her work and she's incredibly talented.  It's my firm belief that she can crochet anything!  Plus, she's just a total sweetheart!

Carrie has agreed to do a July Fourth giveaway!  She's donating this beautiful necklace to one lucky winner!  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below!

We'll draw the winner on June 25th.  That will leave plenty of time for your new beauty to arrive so that you can wear it while celebrating Independence Day!  Or, give it as a surprise gift!


  1. I just realized this morning that I have the perfect dress to go with this! I wonder if I'm allowed to win?! What do you guys think??

  2. Do you have to be a wearer of jewelry to get in on the contest? I mean, I myself don't have a good dress to go with this, LOL... but I know someone who does. I'm sure she'd love to receive this. It looks really nice. Count me in, if I may. :)

  3. Our obvious winner is David! Which is lucky, since I know how much you wanted this :) Congrats :)


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