Friday, June 6, 2014

May Fan Follower Giveaway

Each month I like to randomly draw a follower from both here and our Facebook page.  This person becomes our Fan Follower of the Month.  Prestigious award, eh? :)

Actually, it is sort of fun.  It's been really fun watching this progress since we started up our Facebook page a couple of months ago.  In the beginning, I was all gung ho and actually posted a picture of what the winner would receive and everything.  Since then, I've mellowed out.  Go me!

So, what does the winner get besides having us mention their name?  Aww you know mentioning your name is enough!  Right?  Right?  No!  It isn't!  At least not for me!  Instead of showing you each month what the winner will get, it's going to be a surprise!  The prize will be a minimum of $10 value and a maximum of whatever my heart desires.  It will be up to the winner to decide if they want to post what they've won or not!

I want you guys to know I appreciate you.  I couldn't spend all these long hours filled with chatting with authors and publicists and marketers and editors if it weren't for you guys.  You're important to me and you matter.

So, enough with the smooshy stuff!  We have a weekend to get on to!

The winner for the month of may is Carrie Anne Moniak!  This really surprised me, but I'm glad as well!  You see, Carrie is going to be joining us as a trial reviewer for a bit to see if it's a fit for her.  I'm excited to welcome her aboard the Literary Litter team if she chooses to join us.  However, once she's a member of the team, she won't be eligible to win anymore.  So, I think there's a little divine intervention in my rolling of her number!

Congrats, Carrie Anne!  Look for your surprise to be coming soon!!

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  1. I'm intrigued by this mystery prize! Lol :D


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